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Say what

  1. You like it - say
  2. You do not like it - say
  3. Miss someone - call hir
  4. Do not understand - ask question
  5. Want to meet - invite hir
  6. Want something - ask for it
  7. Do not argue
  8. Want to be understood - explain
  9. Guilty - say it and do not look for excuses
  10. Remember, everyone has hir own truth often not aligned with yours
  11. Do not talk with fools
  12. Person's problems are only in hir head
  13. The world is neither evil nor kind, it does not care whether you exist or not
  14. Try to get pleasure from any event
  15. Remember, there is no other life
  16. Do not be a downer
  17. Do not watch tv
  18. You do not owe anything to anyone
  19. No one owes you anything
  20. Do not engage in politics
  21. Pay for pleasures
  22. Count only on yourself
  23. Do not trust promises, trust your feelings
  24. If you are in a bad mood, think that when you die you will not have any mood
  25. Live today, yesterday does not exist, and tomorrow may not happen
  26. Today is the best day of your life
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Page last modified on December 05, 2012, at 11:19 PM